Habitat Filter imageClient:



Citylink, Sturt Street, Southbank, Melbourne


The Habitat Filter, designed by Drysdale, Myers and Dow, landscape design by Tract Consultants and built by 2Construct, is a public art installation located in a loop of roadway in Southbank, in the centre of Melbourne’s arts precinct. Surrounded by roads, apartment buildings, galleries and theatres, a small urban oasis has been created, allowing habitat to return to the inner city. We were commissioned to design lighting by 2Construct. The lighting treatment is subtle, all located within the structures and using internal reflection to create a distinctive night-time appearance that contrasts strongly with the monolithic presence of the structures during the day. The lighting is programmed with a series of sequences which reference the seasons of the year. The lighting was also designed with the landscape planting in mind, which includes creepers which will grow up the structures, concealing views of fixtures and adding mystery to the installation as time passes.